Announcing – Orion Grooves – My Instrumental, Smooth-Jazz side project

I’m pleased to announce the Orion Grooves project.

Orion Grooves is a collection of instrumental smooth jazz, with guitar as the lead instrument. This project is a growth opportunity for me, and I’m using it to hone in on some new areas of study on the guitar. I plan to release an EP in the coming months. For now, you can hear the first single on your music platform of choice.

Unskippable previews before disc-based movies should be a crime


Previews before movies at the cinema are a good thing. They give you a little buffer room if you are late for show time.

Previews before a Blu-ray or DVD movie are a bad thing. At the very least, they require you to spend some of your time mashing the “Next Chapter” button.

But previews before a Blu-ray are at their worst when they are unskippable. Continue reading

I made a handy graphic explaining the basic refrigeration cycle

I’m currently enrolled in a course to learn more about refrigeration systems. I program the MACS Cooler, which is a sophisticated, automatic produce cooler. During our last class, one of the instructors drew a block diagram of the basic refrigeration system (like what runs a refrigerator) on the white board.

I furiously copied the diagram in my notes on my tablet with OneNote. I added color where I thought it helped. Later, I used Inkscape to recreate the diagram as a digital graphic. And here it is. Continue reading

How to Support the Musician in Your Life

Likely everyone knows someone who is a musician or artist. They could be a family member or friend. Maybe they are on the worship team at church. Regardless of relationship, you probably know someone who is a musician, either solo or in a band. If you are a musician, you most definitely know a musician or two.

What I hope to accomplish by this writing is to share one musician’s emotions and thoughts, and show how you can support and encourage the musicians in your life. I may lay bare my own life a bit, but hopefully it’ll be for the benefit of many. These concepts apply to artists (writers, actors, painters) in all areas, but I will be writing about musicians specifically.

Continue reading

Xbox Scorpio is now called Xbox One X


I already miss the name Scorpio. All the talk of how “Scorpio is a beast” and “Scorpio is a monster” made the name Scorpio seem warranted. When Microsoft announced the final name at this year’s E3, I was almost shocked by boredom. The official name is Xbox One X. My first thought was literally, “huh, that’s a name”. My second thought was “Three Days Grace”.  Continue reading