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B Happy Blues – Guitar Jam Track

Upbeat blues guitar jam track in B.


For more blues, C Dirty Blues Jam Track

D Major Punk – Lead Jam Track

Note: This track is available on my album Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed.

Punk Jam Track.  Verse Chords: Dmaj, Amaj, Em,Gmaj; Chorus Chords: F#m, Bm, Em, Gmaj, F#m, Bm, Em, Amaj.

This track and many others are available on my Album of Jam Tracks, available at

My first Jam Track album is out now!

Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed by Orion Williams - Cover Art

My album, Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed, is available now on  It took 60 days from start to finish, and I am very pleased to have a complete, published work out there in the wild.

Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed is a collection of Jam Tracks for Guitar, in a variety of music styles and feels.  It’s comprised of the free Guitar Jam Tracks on Youtube that I had posted from day one.  I wanted to make the tracks available for people who desire to do their jamming with an MP3 player or otherwise offline player.

Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed has jam tracks in Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Folk and other styles so you won’t get bored from playing the same style over and over again.

If you want to improve your improv skills, or you know a guitarist that you think might benefit from playing along with backing tracks in different styles.  Please pick up Guitar Jam Tracks from The Tool Shed.  I’d also be happy to hear any feedback regarding the album.