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Orion Williams is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who can’t settle into a single genre.  He has written and performed songs ranging from mellow acoustic; novelty songs; rap; punk ballads; Christian praise and worship songs.  He hasn’t found a niche he wants to stay in yet.

Projects that I am pleased to have my name attached to:

YesMustache Black logoYes.Mustache

Yes.Mustache is my latest project.  Combining my passion for music and my appreciation for video games, Yes.Mustache is music inspired by video games.  The world of video games contains its own culture and subcultures.  It includes geeks and nerds, hardcore players, elitists, and casual players.  The internet is where many of these people join together to discuss games, exchange tips, ponder storylines and share thoughts on the industry.

Yes.Mustache is a way to put some of these elements to music, to breathe life into gaming concepts that would otherwise remain as private thoughts or text on the screen.


Tool Of God Tracks logoTool Of God tracks

The existence of ToolOfGod.com, as well as TOG tracks, is firmly attributed to the realization that the musicality that God has given to me is also a calling.  God provides us with resources so that we may invest and redistribute to bless others (Matt. 10:8b).  TOG tracks is a great way for me to refine my musicianship as well as recording and production skills.  All of the musical endeavors that I have participated in have grown me and honed me to be a better instrument in God’s hands.  My hope is that with TOG tracks, others can be inspired by the music that they hear and that they can sharpen their inner song and together we can bring beautiful music to the world.


Fizmarble Logo 120x120fizmarble.com

fizmarble.com is a multimedia news and reviews site that was founded with some friends.  It was started to allow us to review Video Games, and Comic Books, and other fun stuff.


T-Shirt Mini Logo 120A Band Of Ninjas

ABON has taken several forms, but it has always been Brian Coelho and me making music.  We have played countless live shows, written some fun tunes, and had a great time through it all.  We have matured musically and emotionally through our many years playing together.

We learned that when tough circumstances arise, the show doesn’t have to go on, but it’s a lot more fun if it does.

In 2013, A Band Of Ninjas released our long-in-production album Five Saturdays.  You can pick it up at many online digital music services including:



Google Play

My IMDB Credits

I have done several projects with independent film makers.  Through these experiences, I have learned more about acting, directing, cinematography, music, relationships.  These creative experiences have helped to grow me.  Here are my IMDB credits.

Orion Williams on IMDB

My Music

I’ve got songs on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, eMusic, Youtube.  I can’t decide what kind of genre I want to be, so I just write songs without respect to genres.  This either means I don’t have a musical identity, or that variety is my musical identity.


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