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Sermon – The Greatest Birthday Party Ever

I was asked to do a sermon for the Christmas series at our church this month. Here is what I delivered.

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New Sermon – The Highest Calling

I was given the opportunity to speak again at Harbor Chapel on July 31, 2016. I titled it “The Highest Calling”. It’s about how, as Christians, we’re called to live outstanding lives and I wanted to encourage others to aim for that goal. I also believe that we should hold each other accountable for our behavior, uncomfortable as that may be. Here is the audio:

And here is a meager powerpoint presentation I made to go along with it:

The Highest Calling

My first sermon titled, “Self-esteem Vs. God-esteem”

Self-esteem vs God-esteem

I was a bit nervous before hand, but had a great time encouraging the congregation at Harbor Chapel. The central message is “God loves _____” with your name in the blank. This sermon teaches that we should not measure ourselves by what others think of us. Our self-esteem can be low because of some petty thing that we think we have failed at. God’s love for us shows us our “actual” self-worth.

The message was recorded at a terrible quality and I did what I could to clean it up, but it still has a nasty hum. If you’d like to hear it, here it is. Download link below.

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Sermon – Self-esteem vs. God-esteem