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Royalty-Free “Benny Hill Theme” Style Alternative

I had been looking for a song in the style of the Benny Hill Theme (Yakety Sax). I wanted something with a silly vibe that would add humor to a video that had been sped up to look hectic and silly. Yeah, basically I wanted the Benny Hill Theme for the same reason that everybody else wants it. Continue reading

This is how I make burritos

My kids and I sat down to a dinner of Costco tamales (delicious) and homemade burritos.  My five-year-old daughter remembered a song that I wrote, that is well known in our house, entitled “This is how I make burritos”.  She sang the main hook and we all chuckled at the appropriateness of her reference.

Soon after, the three of us were singing it and making fun of it and replacing it with different phrases.  I love that something as silly as a song about making burritos can turn, years down the road, into a moment shared.  A father with his children, eating Mexican food and laughing.  Thank you God, for music, that it can bring relief and joy, repeatedly.

New Song – “Do Your Homework”

I wrote a song for my 12 year old to encourage him to do his homework.  I outline a few simple reasons why it would be in his best interest and I do it all to music.  I think many other parents can probably relate to my perspective, so I share this for them, as well as anybody else who knows my son.

Parents, feel free to share this with your child as it will hopefully motivate them.  Honestly, I don’t know how to reach these little guys.  But if this doesn’t work, I can at least check “write a song about it” off of my list of solutions.