Royalty-Free “Benny Hill Theme” Style Alternative

I had been looking for a song in the style of the Benny Hill Theme (Yakety Sax). You know, that funny chase music. I wanted something with a funny vibe that would add humor to a video that had been sped up to look hectic and silly. Yeah, basically I wanted the Benny Hill Theme for the same reason that everybody else wants it.

Unfortunately, the video project I needed it for was commercial and I wasn’t even going to suggest licensing Yakety Sax for the video. Instead, I made my own version. Knowing that many people would be searching for the Benny Hill Theme song, I decided to share my song so that people can use it in their commercial videos as well. I’m releasing it as a royalty-free alternative to the Benny Hill Theme since Yakety Sax is not public domain.

That means you don’t owe me any money for using it and you can use it in any project you want. If you do happen to use it, please credit me and link to this post.

Feel free to share your finished video in the comments too. I’d love to see how you put my imitation Yakety Sax to use.


You can download my alternative to the Benny Hill Theme for free.

Other Royalty-Free Music for Videos

Aside from this Yakety Sax soundalike, I have created other royalty-free music you can use in your YouTube videos as well. I have a variety of musical styles and moods represented.

If you decide to use any of the tracks, the same policy applies. Simply link back to the post featuring the song you used and give me credit. I hope you can find a song that works for your project.

Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Videos

About Yakety Sax (The Benny Hill Theme):
The song first appeared in a recording in 1963 by Boots Randolph on Monument Records. Later, the song was featured in sketches of The Benny Hill Show. Thanks to Benny Hill, Yakety Sax is now associated with fast-paced video showcasing silly, comedic situations.

Many people who would like to use the Benny Hill Theme in their videos don’t know that they have to pay to use it. I created this song as a Benny Hill Theme soundalike.


  1. Hi Orion!

    Thank-you very much for the use of your Benny Hillalike / Yakety Synth 🙂

    I have used it to represent some general derp in my terrible Minecraft video.
    When it finishes uploading it will be available at feel free not to suffer through it.

    Doctor Mitch

  2. Hi Orion, My wife and i made a funny short for youtube with your music, hope you get to see it, i will send you the link when its on youtube, we put a credit on the end to say its your music. Thanks.

  3. Hi, great music, I am going to use this music in my daughter’s video and upload it to YT – and paste the link to this page in the description.

    Once I upload it, I’ll send you the link to the video



  4. Hi Orion,

    We have put the video short on youtube…

    Thanks mate for the music..

  5. Hi, we’re a new team developing our first game and we would like to use this song for commercial purposes. Is It free or should we pay any royalty?
    Thank you

    1. As a gamer, you have piqued my interest! This version is free for commercial use with accreditation. So you can use it and include “Orion Williams” in the credits for the song. I have a higher quality version available using real instrument sounds. That one is available for a one-time payment and is good for use in one finished work (one game/film/etc.) I am interested in your project though, I’ve always wanted to contribute music to a video game.

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