New Sermon – The Highest Calling

I was given the opportunity to speak again at Harbor Chapel on July 31, 2016. I titled it “The Highest Calling”. It’s about how, as Christians, we’re called to live outstanding lives and I wanted to encourage others to aim for that goal. I also believe that we should hold each other accountable for our behavior, uncomfortable as that may be. Here is the audio:

And here is a meager powerpoint presentation I made to go along with it:

The Highest Calling


  1. What a fantastic message you gave on James ! Tom and I enjoyed listening to your sermon… You’re doing Gods work and you and your family will be blessed for carrying His word out and teaching others how to live a Godly life. Like you said by our living example others will know that we are Christians. Which is the highest calling . Great job ! Tom and Glenda Simmons

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