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Gena Love is the coolest children’s music

Gena Love is 8 years old. She is also the coolest 8 year old. For years she has entertained friends and family. Now she has her own YouTube channel with original music for kids. She wants to make music to let everyone know that kids rock.

Her first song, Detective Danger, is about an adventurous detective and his crew as they hunt for exciting treasure.

If you know a kid who wants to listen to something other than nursery rhymes and Kidzbop, introduce them to Gena Love.

Orion’s End of the Year Wisdom

I’ve had some thoughts this year, and I think I’ve come up with some bits that others may find helpful. At the very minimum, I find them helpful.

    • Never buy 1-ply toilet paper. You just need to use twice as much to take care of business.
    • When reaching for a cup or glass, make no assumptions about the contents. Misjudging the required strength to lift it can yield unfavorable results. Move slowly at first to properly gauge the weight. Your shirt and pants will thank you.
    • Never think that you earned life’s rewards completely on your own. You had help from God, family, friends, and even strangers. Enjoy your blessings, but remain humble.
    • Pity fools. Empathy is a virtue.
    • Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to make a positive change; that is only punishing your future self while training your mind to procrastinate. Do it now!
    • Don’t be the driver on the road that everyone else hates. This isn’t Mad Max, no one thinks you’re cool when you drive like a terrorist.
    • The best thing since sliced bread is toasted sliced bread; followed immediately by buttered toasted sliced bread. Google, Apple, and Microsoft can’t compete in this category.
    • When life gives you lemons, it probably means you were growing a lemon tree. Next time, plant ice cream seeds.
    • Poison Oak sucks. Please don’t bring it into my house ever again.
    • Every day, find at least one thing to give thanks for. Gratitude is the path to joy.