Guitar Lesson 2 – The E Major and A Minor chord shapes

This week we introduce two new chord shapes.  They are very similar, so once you learn one, the other is very easy to learn as well.

Starting with the E Major chord, sometimes written simply as “E”, you can form this chord with your middle and ring fingers on the the second fret of the A and D strings just as you might with an E Minor chord.  But now add the first finger to the first fret of the G string.  That’s E Major.

A Minor, or Am, is the same basic shape, but your fingers are on the D, G, and B strings.

Playing from E Major to A Minor is a good way to get a feel for the chords without sounding too repetitive.  The two chords work together to give a sort of “Spanish” style sound.

If you want a beat to play along to, you can use the ones from Guitar Lesson 1.
E MajorA Minor

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