Alesis Pro X Kick Pedal and StealthKick 2 Combo Pack Review

After months of waiting around, (and ultimately forgetting that I ordered it) I received my Alesis Pro X Kick Pedal Combo Pack in the mail.  First shipment, WooHoo!

There are two main components to the combo pack, a midi trigger and a kick drum pedal.  We’ll look at them separately first.

StealthKick 2 Trigger Pad

This is the part of the combo pack that registers velocity sensitive hits and translates them to midi data.  You can attach your kick pedal of choice to it, so you don’t have to use the one included in the combo pack, but if you already have a pedal that you like, you probably won’t be buying the combo pack.

I expected the StealthKick 2 trigger pad to be firm, like a Korg PadKontrol, or MPC style pad.  The one included with the Alesis combo pack is much softer rubber than I expected.  It’s got a fair ammount of play.  Its a good design as it acts as a bit of a dampener for your kick beater.  It seems to replicate the give that a real kick drum has, at least more so than the solid wall trigger pads included with the Alesis DM10X Kit.  But most fittingly, given the name, the StealthKick 2 is quiet, quiet, and quiet.  The StealthKick 2 earns its name here.

There are two 1/4” jacks on the StealthKick 2, one for connecting to the drum module, and one for use as a pass-through, called “Link”.  With the Link port you can chain StealthKicks to make your own Double Bass setup.

The StealthKick 2 offers quite a dynamic range of velocity hits.  So far, I’ve experienced no missed hits.  In fact, it’s so sensitive that it might bring out ghost notes that other kick pads would miss.  Depending on how “clean” your kick attacks are, this could be a minor issue, but one that can be fixed with a subtle technique adjustment.

Alesis Pro X Kick Drum Pedal

Alesis proves once again why they have a reputation for value.  The Pro X Kick Drum Pedal is a solid feeling pedal with plenty of adjustability.  Fastening the Kick Pedal to the StealthKick 2 is easier than it seemed it would be.  I expected a defined ‘click’ or something, so I struggled a bit longer than I should have.  Just place the StealKick 2 up against the the clamp and start cranking.

There is a standard straight beater for traditional Kick Drums and Kick Triggers, and there is an inverted beater included with the StealthKick 2 for use with it.

The included drum key allows for most of the adjustments to be made on the Pro X Kick Drum Pedal.  You can adjust beater length and angle, as well as tension.

The Kick Pedal has a very smooth and quiet operation, and is steady, thanks to the double chain drive.


I love how quiet the StealKick 2 is, and the Pro X Kick Pedal is great for a fairly new drummer like myself.

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