The Kraber sniper rifle in Titanfall 1&2 is named after sound designer Eric Kraber

I’m a huge fan of the first-person shooter Titanfall. It’s combination of fast twitch gameplay and giant mechanical robots fills a void in gaming that even the greats like Halo, Battlefield, and Call of Duty can’t fill.

Kraber? I didn’t even know it was a real name.

I put in hundreds of hours of Titanfall 1 and just completed the story mode of Titanfall 2. Suffice it to say, I’ve played a lot of Titanfall and I’ve logged hundreds, if not thousands of kills with each weapon included in the games.

After finishing the fantastic Titanfall 2 campaign this week, I actually stayed for the entire credits roll (did you stay for the stinger at the end?), something I normally don’t do.

I can’t honestly say that I was reading all of the names, but all of a sudden one jumped off of the screen. Eric Kraber. What?! Eric Kraber?? As in the Kraber-AP sniper rifle. The beast of a sniper rifle that rings loud across whole maps. The one hit kill weapon that lobs such a massive round that the shooter must lead fire a moving target to connect the shot. The Kraber.


The Kraber is feared by those of us who are not experts. A competent Kraber-AP user can pick off enemies from any distance. It’s so deadly that the sound is both a warning and a challenge to all enemies. “Come and get me”, it roars.

That “roar” is thanks, at least in part, to Respawn’s Titanfall Sound Designer Eric Kraber, who also worked as Score Producer on Titanfall 2.

So when you hear that *CRACK* across the map, or you experience the instant death that it causes when it hits you, respect the Kraber. Not just the Kraber-AP, but the Eric Kraber.



  1. in the credits of titanfall 1 there is someon namend ‘ryan m. lastomosa’ it was quite a pleasant surprise seeing that after having played titanfall 2’s campaign

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