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I can now announce that I’m creating music for a video game.

It’s been a couple of months since I was asked to contribute music for an upcoming video game. Many studio meetings and much prayer and contemplation, but we’re hitting a milestone and now I can actually share officially that I am making music for BeatBoxer by R2Wgames.

BeatBoxer is a mobile game, in the rhythm genre, where you fight different wacky characters to the music (provided my myself) and try to knock out these fools while banging my beats. The team behind the game is very small and spread out over quite a bit of geographic distance, but we seem to be working well together despite the divide.

We recently launched a Kickstarter for BeatBoxer and if funded, I should get paid in actual money! This is exciting to me because even though I have written several songs about video games, I have never written music to be officially included in a video game.

If you happen to be interested to learn more about BeatBoxer, you can visit the Studio’s site and the official Kickstarter below.