Is RouteNote a Scam?

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Is RouteNote a Scam?

This is a reasonable question. We want to be careful when handing over control to any service we haven’t dealt with before. In my RouteNote Review, I noticed a trend in the comments section. People were coming in droves and posting horrendous claims of injustice, perpetrated by RouteNote. I allowed them for a while, until I noticed a pattern. Most of these comments would make the same basic claims. They would use strong language and angry speech. And they all had similar email address formats (i.e.

I’m all for speaking up when you feel a company has wronged you. It helps others to avoid the same traps and it’s good to keep companies on their toes. What I’m not for is concerted efforts to bring down a companies reputation based on lies. I vet the comments more thoroughly now. As you can read in my review of my experience with RouteNote, they haven’t been perfect, but they have been honest and I’m pleased with my experience.

You can choose another music distribution service if you like. Just because I’m ok with RouteNote doesn’t mean you have to be. But let’s be honest in our evaluations of other companies. Is RouteNote a scam? No! The commenters that trash companies without justification (probably paid to do so) are the scammers. And no, I don’t mean if you have had a negative experience with RouteNote that you don’t get to share that. You can share it in my comments section, as long as I don’t detect that you are a paid shill.


  1. I’d be interested to know your thoughts a few months on about Routenote?? Did you have any more thoughts on whether the negative comments were legitimate or not? It’d be a shame if the reputation of good company was brought down by fake negative comments….

    1. The apparent fake negative comments have stopped. I still believe that there was a flood of people who were paid to try to discredit RouteNote. I think they tried to attack RN in any venue that would allow it. That push seems to be over.

      I have only released one new track on RouteNote in the last few months. As usual, they credited me for the download (yes, 1 download, and I know the man) and all the other streams and downloads. I have met my payment threshold once and they paid me promptly.

      I am working on a song that I will release on Tune Core to give a similar review to my RouteNote review. I’ve been dragging my feet since it’s going to cost me ten bucks that I don’t plan on ever getting back. But I think readers will be interested.

  2. One of my tracks has 120,000 plays on Spotify alone and Routenote has paid me $150 for this amount which is well below the average of $0.004 per play. I think they are a scam and they have ignored my emails.

    Is there something I’m not understanding here?

    1. My average pay per play on Spotify across all regions is around $0.00275. Does that make RouteNote a scam? No. If you linked to one of your RouteNote statements with all of the identifying information removed, I’d be happy to explain what I can if it helps. 120,000 plays on a single track is very good. Surely this corresponds to some sales as well. How much are you getting per download? What about other streaming services?

      Simply thinking that you should be getting paid more doesn’t make RouteNote a scam. Also, when you say “ignored (your) emails”, do you mean you filed a support ticket? Did you actually receive payment? I have received multiple payments.

  3. I use RN to distribute my music on Spotify/Apple Music, and since I started in 2015 I’m now grossing over $1000/mo (free distribution alone). Their website and moderation can be slow, but it’s worth the simplicity. Just upload your tracks and artwork, and be patient.

      1. I’m currently writing an ebook on using RouteNote free to dip your toe in the water of digital publishing. What I can tell you is, it doesn’t cost anything but your time to release through RN. You can pick a song that you don’t care about, put a throwaway artist name on it, put some halfway decent album art on it, and release it through RN for free to test it out. If you like it, you can keep using the service. If you don’t like it, take what you learned from it and apply that to another service. Worst case, you get a paypal payment in 6 years from that throwaway song and its Spotify plays. 🙂

  4. Oh its probably because theyre trying to copyright original content by small creators in order to make money. It has been going on for a long time since none of those people were big enough to reach much attention to the subject.

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