The Most Extreme Bass in a Country Song

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of what Country Music has become. The genre now known as “Modern Country” is full of fake accents, fake tans, and crappy lyrics; and the guitars in modern country have become less and less distinguishable from pure rock guitars.

I am a fan, however, of the Bass Guitar. In searching the internet for the popular opinion of “country songs with the best bass”, I have failed to find anyone who shares my opinion. So I will give it here and now.

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This 24/7 Pecan Pie Vending Machine Is Calling My Name

My biggest problem with pecan pie is really more of a problem with the world. For most of my life I have wondered “Why is pecan pie only available around Thanksgiving?”. It’s so dumb to me that it’s considered seasonal. I love pecan pie all year long, not seasonally. Well, the world has been redeemed by Cedar Creek, Texas.

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Xbox Project Scorpio Favors Power Over Parity


This week had some exciting new for Xbox fans. Project Scorpio’s internal processing specifications have been released by Digital Foundry with Microsoft’s permission. And though I consider myself a tech-head, a fair bit of the specs are not meaningful to me. I figure they may go over many of my readers’ heads as well. So let’s look beyond the specs at what Microsoft’s decisions since Project Scorpio’s announcement at E3 2016 mean for Xbox gamers.

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