Xbox Scorpio is now called Xbox One X


I already miss the name Scorpio. All the talk of how “Scorpio is a beast” and “Scorpio is a monster” made the name Scorpio seem warranted. When Microsoft announced the final name at this year’s E3, I was almost shocked by boredom. The official name is Xbox One X. My first thought was literally, “huh, that’s a name”. My second thought was “Three Days Grace”. 

Three Days Grace is a hard rock band who has an album called One-X. They would have sold me on the name more if they had a tie in and it was called the Xbox One-X, brought to you in partnership with Three Days Grace. They could have a 3DG logo on there and I would be content. But instead, we have two models that sound very similar, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. One is “ess” and the other is “ecks”. That’s not much to differentiate the two models, but I guess that hasn’t been a problem for Tesla Motors.

I’m very excited to get my hands on an Xbox One X later this year when it launches November 7th. As soon as Amazon pre-orders go up, I’ll stake my claim.

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