Hain Carrot Chips: Delicious and Discontinued (A Tribute)

Do you remember Hain Carrot Chips? I do. I remember going to the Bagel Bakery in Pacific Grove, CA with my mom and ordering a toasted garlic bagel with cream cheese, a Martinelli’s apple juice, and a bag of Hain Carrot Chips. We just called them carrot chips, but now I have to specify “Hain”, because the world now thinks “carrot chips” are slices of carrots that have been baked.

Let me set the record straight, this post is not about carrot slivers, carrot slices, carrot sticks, or raw carrots. We’re talking about the best snack chip ever made! Chips made from stone ground corn, carrot juice, whole wheat, and little bits of real carrot peppered throughout. Salted, slightly sweet chips that you could get, almost exclusively, at “health food stores”.

Strange, but delicious

When I was fortunate enough that my mom had purchased a bag of Hain Carrot Chips, and doubly fortunate that we didn’t eat the whole bag before nightfall, Mom would send some with me for school lunch. On the schoolyard, friends would notice the familiar shape. It was something like a wide, flatter Frito shape, but orange. The orange is what people caused them to inquire, “What kind of chips are those?”

“Carrot chips” I’d reply, to a range of responses from “gross” to “weird”. Kids being kids, no one ever went, “Interesting, I’d like to try one if I may”. Instead, I’d offer them one or two, probably mostly to defend my pride and justify my food choice.

And while everybody at first judged my carrot chips to be bizarre, everyone was a convert after first taste. Even as an adult, when I’d chance upon Hain Carrot Chips at a Grocery Outlet or Whole Foods Market, I’d get the same bewildered initial response from adults, followed by exclamations of delight.

Only a memory

Hain Carrot Chips were so good, I never thought I would not have them as a purchasing option. But like PB Max, Frito-Lay Salsa Fries, and the Half-Life video game series before them, they were eventually discontinued.. It seems that the more I like a product, the higher the chances are that the product will be discontinued. Since I liked Carrot Chips very much, I’m convinced that I am the reason why they are no longer for sale. I can’t give a hard date, but it seems they were doomed by the Hain Celestial Group around 2013.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye. Had I known that my last carrot chips purchase was my last carrot chips purchase, I would have bought every package left in the store and had a proper sendoff. But as with many other things we place value on, you never know when you might never see them again. Cherish every moment with those you love and the foods you enjoy. 😀

Maybe there is hope…

Wonderful foods have been discontinued and brought back before. When I was 11 or 12, Twix came in three flavors, Caramel (the current standard Twix), Fudge, and Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter Twix were my favorite so of course they were discontinued, along with Fudge. Caramel were delicious also, but somehow they persisted through present day. But a strange and awesome thing happened several years ago, Peanut Butter Twix came back. Of course Mars, Inc. told everyone it was “new” Peanut Butter Twix, when it was really just the return of the king that they had ousted many years prior.

With this bit of hope I appeal to any of you that share a fondness for Hain Carrot Chips. Maybe, together we can convince Hain Celestial Group to release “new” Carrot Chips. The beauty of technology is that it gives so many people a voice. Through social media, we can reach out to Hain and ask for Carrot Chips to be put back on store shelves and in our mouths.

Hain Twitter: https://twitter.com/haincelestial
Hain facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HainCelestialUS

If you contact them, maybe you could send them this post, so they know that you are not alone. There are many of us who don’t accept Sweet Potato Chips as an alternative to Carrot Chips.

If you remember Carrot Chips, leave a comment. We can bond over our lost love of tasty carrot/corn snacks.


  1. I definitely remember these, and I just had a weird pregnancy-related craving for them. I’m SOOO sad they’re not available anymore!!!!

    1. I get completely non-pregnancy related cravings for them all the time. I share in your sadness. Congratulations on your expecting! You can tell your child of the legend of the Carrot Chip, from before their time. 🙂

    2. i go into stores and ask if they have heard of them and remind them of stores that carried them before and get that ‘weird’ look..
      I adored them and have before found recipes and lost them.. so what I am putting forth is that Whole Foods now carries a tri-color tortilla chip that includes carrot flavor.. possibly we can bug them into making a totally carrot variety?
      they are the Whole Foods 365 brand. Ingredients are stone ground white corn, corn or sunflower seed oil, tomato, garlic, onion, carrot, spinach and beet powder, parsley, sea salt, trace of lime. totally healthy and easy to pick out the carrot flavored ones – so let’s continue writing on Hain’s FB page and also add it to Whole Foods page – they are vegan non gmo no sugars

      1. Thank you for the suggestion. We have a Whole Foods in the area. I will make an effort to grab a bag of these. It would be funny to tell them to keep their other veggies, we want carrots!! 🙂

  2. My sisters and I grew up on Carrot Chips. It was a tradition that every Sunday after church, we would stop by the health food store across the street and get a bag of carrot chips and nectarine flavored soda. I cannot tell you how much we LOVED both of those snacks. I wish I had known back in 2013 that they would be phased out. You would have probably run into my sisters and I in your mad dash for these tasty treats. 🙂

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