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Some of my favorite splash screens from the Xbox One and Xbox 360

Since starting my new website, Xbox Screens, I’ve seen over one hundred Xbox One and Xbox 360 splash screens (the image that is displayed while a game is loaded). Many of the splash screens are simply promotional artwork with the game’s logo in front. Some are thoughtful and meaningful; symbolizing some noteworthy element of the game with taste and class. Others are lazy, thoughtless, or seemingly irrelevant.

I wanted to share some of the better ones that I’ve come across. Here they are in no particular order. The image links are below each section.

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My Xbox One Elite controller stinks


My Xbox One Elite controller is wonderful. After being announced at E3, I was hyped and preordered one immediately to receive mine when they released on October 27th of 2015. The paddles, after a learning curve, have improved my FPS game greatly. I even use it for Rocket League. There is only one problem with my otherwise fantastic Elite controller…it stinks.

Not as in, “Lol jk, it sucks.” My Xbox One Elite controller smells bad, it reeks, it’s funky. Continue reading

I remixed the Xbox “Rare Achievement” sound effect into a song

Last week, Major Nelson released the “rare achievement sound effect” (the sound that triggers in an Xbox game when you unlock an achievement that 10% or less of players have unlocked). Upon hearing it, I noticed a layer of musicality. I chose to challenge myself to remix the rare achievement sound effect into a song using only the raw audio as a source. This meant no synths and no other samples.

Every instrument in my remix, called “A Rare Achievement”, is created using the rare achievement sound effect and a ton of effects. I used Ableton Live 9 and Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler. I chopped the main achievement sound into little bits and found the parts that sounded the best to be drums (kick, snare, hats, crash, ride) and made a beat. Then I sampled a portion to be the “bass” instrument. From there I added different parts and tried to compose it like an electronic music track.

If you’d like to download it, you can do that here.
A Rare Achievement