I love my new Titanfall gaming shirt

As an aficionado of video games, I enjoy displaying my hobby to others in the form of clothing. I particularly like t-shirts that have gaming-related characters or logos. And while I’m not bashful (I will rock a “Super Meat Boy”-face t-shirt loud and proud), I generally prefer shirts that are stylish and unobtrusive.


Last year I was doing some Christmas shopping for a gamer friend and needed ideas. He likes games, he also likes shirts. Boom, gamer shirt!

I found TeePublic, a website with all sorts of pop culture fun printed on shirts. They carry a huge variety of video game t-shirts, so I went browsing.

For my friend, I picked up a Zangief’s Gym shirt, with Street Fighter’s Zangief on the front pressing some crazy weight (strong like bear).

But while browsing for my buddy, I desired a gaming shirt for myself. I looked through pages upon pages of images of shirts. I liked a great many of them. I happened on a Titanfall shirt and it sparked something. I searched the site for Titanfall shirts and found one I wanted. I ordered it in red.

The touch, the feel

I was a little nervous about ordering my new gaming Tee. Sure, it looks fantastic in the picture, but what about on me? How is the fit? How is the feel? These are things you can’t know until you try for yourself.

TeePublic had several options for material, but I ordered the standard shirt and hoped for the best.

When it arrived I was excited to try it on, but my wife recommended that we wash it first so we did that instead. But then I got to try it on! TeePublic recommends their ‘standard’ shirt for comfort. They nailed it! My Titanfall tee is very comfy. I wear a large, and love the fit on my new t-shirt.

Plus I literally feel like a cooler person when wearing it. I’m assuming that nobody who sees me wearing it knows that it’s related to a game where you “pilot” giant mechanized robots, and that’s ok. The important thing is that I know.

An added bonus for guitarists

When I play guitar live, I play with a guitar strap. My strap is 3 inches or so of leather. Wider is better to distribute the weight of the guitar across more surface area of your shoulder. But no matter how wide the strap, the wrong shirt can cause harm.

That might sound weird/stupid/surprising, but it’s true. I own some shirts that I like wearing…unless I am playing guitar. The problem? The stitching on the shoulders.

The seam that runs from the outer shoulder up to the collar. I don’t know what it’s called, but if it’s too fat, the guitar strap will press into my muscle or tendon and it aches like you don’t want it. Sometimes I think my arm starts to fall asleep.

This problem doesn’t occur with a flat seam. Thankfully, I am able to wear my TeePublic Titanfall T without any bad feels in my shoulder.

All around, I’m stoked on my new shirt. And I look forward to picking up some more shirts for my gaming buddies this year from TeePublic.

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