My new Xbox Splash Screen website


Starting Titanfall 2 on the Xbox One recently, I noticed that all of the soldiers on the screen were holding their guns left-handed. This prompted me to search the internet for the image that I had seen to share with other gamers my observation.

When starting a game on the Xbox One, before the game loads, an image representing the game is displayed. This is typically called a “splash screen”. Usually, this image is found nowhere else in the game. I thought about using the “Hey Cortana, take a screenshot” functionality, but the Xbox One can’t record a game until a game has started. These splash screens are shown before the game actually loads, so that feature was unavailable.

I ended up busting out my El Gato capture card and recording all of my installed games to get a 1920×1080 image of each game’s splash screen. Next I purchased the domain and after a couple of hours I have a new website for Xbox splash screens.

I eventually shared my image on the previously mentioned Reddit post.

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